Welcome to ~vern!

~vern is a non-commercial shared GNU/Linux system. All our servers run fully free GNU/Linux distributions. We are also aiming to become a member of the Tildeverse after we meet the requirements.


We host many services, most are available to everyone.

You can get access to these services by signing up.

All services we host other than clearnet Minetest and among-sus do not have the capability to log IP addresses due to our use of WireGuard.

We also host onion services and I2P eepsites for most of these.


You can join our community on most major free software chat programs:

We make use of bridging so you can chat with us regardless of what chat program you use

The several logo variations can be found here.

Our thoughts on the "cloud"

We do use other people's computers for some things, see them here.