Welcome to ~vern!

~vern is a non-commercial tilde focused on free software and services! This means we are a community open for sharing, engaging, participating and creating free (as in freedom) software for everyone, without exceptions.

While we host a lot of services like privacy front-ends, ~vern is well known for its cozy and participative community, that has been built that way since the beginning. We are here not to just get software to your hands, but to walk you through it.

~vern also has a pubnix, that is, a public machine that runs NixOS on top of the Linux-Libre kernel for improved freedom. The nonfree repositories are not enabled by default, too.

Finally, ~vern's purpose is to provide to you the best experience you could have in this hopeless Internet, and to get you to get stuff done as soon as you can!

All our servers run free GNU/Linux distributions. See our roadmap for ~vern.


A list of announcements can be found at /announcements

Wed, 22 Nov 2023 23:14:50 +0000 - Attention ~vern users

There is a new pubnix account recovery system, using PGP. We strongly suggest you put a PGP key in ~/.pgp.asc to use it in the future.


You can join our community on most major free software chat programs:

We make use of bridging so you can chat with us regardless of what chat program you use


You can get access to the "Reg Needed" services by signing up via the registration form.

With the exception of clearnet Minetest & services hosted on Iceberg and Typhoon, none of the services we host have the capability to log IP addresses due to our use of WireGuard. IP logging on Iceberg is disabled.

We also host Tor and I2P versions of most of these services.

Services marked with "AD:" have alternate (sub)domains you can use for them.


What computers do ~vern servers run on?

~vern has many servers running in different ways. You can find a list of them and their uses at /sysinfo.