Explanation on ~vern’s downtime on 28-29 oct

~vern team

Mon, 28 Oct 2022

Hello ~vern members,

We recently had downtime of the tilserv caused due to cleaning which accidentally disconnected the power cable

I started having issues at 19:30 IST (14:00 UTC) when my ssh connection to the server freezed.

Since cobra wasn’t at home, we had to wait until 11:50 PM IST (6:20 UTC) when she could check on the server and confirm our assumption.

But, due to unrelated issues, the pubnixvm and website were down. This took until 7 AM IST (1:30 AM UTC) to fix since I was not online at the time.

I am planning on making a script that informs us when the tilserv goes on battery power to help prevent-this.

We hope this does not happen again.