Why ~vern has been down so much


Tue, 16 May 2023


I am very enraged so I’ll keep this concise. You might notice we stopped hosting GotHub. I’ll get to that.

For the past few million years ~vern has been on and off accessibility-wise because Odyssey (yes, that Odyssey) created an account on ~vern (after already being banned for transphobia et al.) and started fork bombing the pubnix, and has been ever since February 2023.

And because the entirety of the Project Segfault general room on Matrix knew about this and nobody told me until today, I am not supporting anything remotely related to them. I have replaced our GotHub instance with a redirect to this page. Soon, I will release screenshots of chats regarding this matter.

Thank you all who stayed with ~vern throughout this mess. I wish most of you reading this (except you, you know who you are) a nice week.