Expanding the ~vern wiki and a call for contributions


Fri, 04 Nov 2022


I figure it’s probably about time to announce that ~vern has a wiki! Our wiki is focused on info pages and tutorials so people can get all the help they need. The ~vern wiki isn’t new by any means, it is actually a couple of months old. (It was first created on August 16th I believe)

The ~vern wiki is decent but it does not explain a lot and lots of services are still yet to be explained. So I am announcing hereby that I am working on the ~vern wiki to improve it’s currently existing articles and to write new tutorials and guides exclusively for the next few days.

One goal of the ~vern wiki is to reduce the stress on admins to explain services and how to use them. The admins of ~vern have to deal with a lot, including regular server maintenance, fixing issues and helping out users. And it can be a lot,

So let’s say that ~vern has lots of users who have never touched Mastodon. Instead of the admin explaining what the “Fediverse” is, how it works, how to use Mastodon and basic etiquette. We can put it all in a wiki page that the user can read and go back to if they have any questions

Another benefit is that admins are humans, and so will probably forget to mention an important detail. But wikis are a set record of information, once you add something you won’t have to add it again. This approach creates smarter users and more productive administration.

Overall, this wiki would help everyone from new users to senior users and to admins.

We can’t do this alone, if you can, please help us expand the wiki. We have a room/muc dedicated for the wiki which can be reached via XMPP or Matrix.