~vern ZFS Migration

~vern team

Mon, 28 Oct 2022

Hello ~vern members,

We have decided to move our Data-SSD from BtrFS to ZFS in light of the issues we have heard about regarding BtrFS’ stability.

The migration will be done the coming Sunday, 30th Oct 2022. The specific time of downtime will be announced in our announcements channel before the migration.

The amount of data to be backed up and copied is around 220 GB.

I estimate that the migration will take up around 6 hours in total (including backup to MirrorHDD, resizing, copying etc.) and we would have around 2 hours of downtime total.

We apologize for this downtime but if we do not do it now it would be a pain to do it in the future due to more storage use etc.

UPDATE: Since we had another downtime this week, the zfs migration has been rescheduled to next sunday (6th november).