A donation would help ~vern stay up and running for longer! We currently only take donations in XMR and LiberaPay.

If you know of another good way to take donations, either in cryptocurrency or traditional banking, please contact an admin about adding it.

As a thank you token, donators get access to restricted access services such as Jellyfin and can also opt to use mail with their own custom domain on ~vern.

Liberapay accepts donations in many currencies, more info can be found at

We have an XMR OpenAlias on, so simply type into the address bar and click resolve.

Our XMR address is 4ATm8EZaC4iEuwt1VABuxFPi5xq4HgvqgghmKqvgQyvwQf9KK7AyYFXCYCZ3xBiqZ38CctAWihJ3yLeKAeGJfQBgDxQnn91

A QR code representing our XMR address

A transparent report on how the donations money is spent can be found in /costs