Costs of operating ~vern

Here are the things we need to pay for in order for ~vern to be up and healthy

Electricity costs for the local servers is hard to measure. Hence isn't counted

Why GoDaddy?

Our original domain was registered on GoDaddy long before we planned on doing anything public-facing like ~vern.

Transfer is not currently possible for us since GoDaddy policy requires whois protection to be turned off before transfer.

The amount of sensitive information leaked is not be worth it and if we input fake whois info there is a good chance the domain would get suspended.

Hence, for the time being, will be on GoDaddy.

This also comes with the issue of also not being able to add DS records for valid DNSSEC.

How excess money is used

Any excess money we get (more than $38.05/mo) will be distributed among the admins.

Information about the usage of these donations can be found in the monthly financial report.